Organizations The United Church Supports

The United Church offers a variety of opportunities to engage in missions works locally and around the world

United Missions Basics

Our gifts to the American Baptist United Mission support every dimension of our mission: regional, national, international, educational and general ministries. By giving to United Missions Basics we reach people in all parts of the world. (76 Global Servants)

Finger Lakes Baptist Association

This is the regional association of which our church is a member.

American Baptists Of New York State

Our regional ministry, based in Syracuse NY serves more than 300 churches making up the 16 associations of New York. (Metro New York and the Rochester/Genesee regions work independently).

General Assembly

This funds mission projects of the Presbyterian Church USA, both in this country and overseas.

Synod Missions

Providing funding for mission projects in 22 presbyteries across 8 states in the northeast USA.

Presbytery Missions

This money goes to the Presbytery of Geneva to support mission projects across our presbytery and around the world. (61 Mission Co-workers)

Presbyterian Per Capita

Based on the number of Presbyterian members this money goes to governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church to help pay administration costs, operations, staff, meetings and programs. The amount each church is asked to pay is requested at by the denomination.

American Baptist Assembly at Green Lake

The Green Lake Conference Center in Wisconsin is the national training and conference center serving and supported by the American Baptist Churches USA. Through experiences of training, worship, fellowship and recreation, persons are refreshed, renewed and transformed for their journey of life and service. Various training sessions, retreats and programs are offered throughout the year. Campgrounds are also available for family camping at the center.

AMOS Projects

A Christian non-profit organization based in Nicaragua that exists to improve the health of impoverished communities by working alongside them in health, education and development. AMOS directors are American Baptist missionaries. Several of our United Church members have traveled to Nicaragua to help install home water filters and install solar electric panels on remote clinics located “off the grid”.

Beaver Camp

A Christian camp located in Lowville, NY, Beaver Camp has been attended by several young people from our church and has made a lasting impression on many lives. Operated by the Adirondack Mennonite Camping Association, Beaver Camp’s beautiful location and Christian atmosphere truly reveals the kingdom of God to many people including scrap book retreats and more.

Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti

“the BGs” are American Baptist missionaries currently serving Iberoamerica and the Caribbean (Central and S. America) with theological training. Long-time friends of the United Church, they have served churches in Chili, Spain, Columbia and hosted our 2017 team to Bluefields, Nicaragua. The BGs have visited Canandaigua several times.

Cameron Community Ministries

is an urban outreach ministry in Rochester. They depend on volunteers from churches and the community to help improve the lives of many who live in the diverse, low-income neighborhood. Programs include a hot lunch program 6 days a week, an after-school program with a kids' supper, a clothing and personal supply house and a safe-haven summer kids' program. Our church has been involved with serving meals and a worship service at past Sunday celebrations. This year we have provided food for take-out meals, due to the Covid restrictions. Our church was able to help with the funding of the new Teen Center which opened in 2019.

Camp Vick

Located in Freedom, NY, Camp Vick has offered summer camping in our western New York area giving witness to Jesus Christ. Camp Vick and Pathfinders Lodge (Cooperstown) share the same Am Baptist board and collaboratively minister to a variety of campers including some of which come from broken homes and others who may have special needs. Each year they witness new commitments in young people to follow Jesus as well as several others who decide to renew their walk with God.


The mission committee has been given the responsibility to pay one half tuition (up to $200.) from the mission budget for one week at a Christian Camp for children in our church family.

Camp Whitman

A Christian camp located on Seneca Lake, owned and operated by the Presbytery of Geneva in partnership with the Presbytery of the Genesee Valley, inviting summer campers to explore their faith in a warm, caring, Christian community.

Canandaigua Churches in Action

located at 129 North Main St., CCIA is a collaboration of area faith-based communities working together to be the hands of Christ. Together they are addressing the needs in health and medicine, clothing and feeding the hungry and providing parental and family support in our community. Several members of our church are active in helping with food distribution at various events during the year.

Family Promise of Ontario County

Their mission is to provide a pathway for homeless children and families to secure reliable housing and self-sufficiency by uniting the faith communities and existing Ontario County agencies. In 2022 a United Church team cleaned a Canandaigua apartment to welcome a new FPOC family.


Our weekly Youth Club program is made possible because of the training, curriculum and resources made available to us by the GENON ministry. By partnering with GENON we are helping young people to become informed, committed and life-long disciples of Jesus Christ, through the church.

Gleaners Community Kitchen

This group serves free of charge meals daily at St.John’s Church on North Main St. Our donation helps to purchase food, pay utilities and maintain facilities.

Habitat For Humanity of Ontario County

Our gifts support the local chapter of Habitat and are used for building sites and supplies. We strive to see decent, safe, secure and affordable housing for families in our county.

Hospital Sainte Croix

Our church has supported the Holy Cross Hospital located in Leogane, Haiti for several years, helping the hospital to continue their mission to supply the Haitian people with the essential medical services. Haitian doctors and nurses staff the hospital that Presbyterians and other denominations manage this hospital.

Living Waters For The World

trains, equips and supports mission teams to form partnerships with global communities in need and empower everyday people to change lives through the gift clean water. The United Church has engaged with mission partners in Cedralito and Limones, Mexico, and is currently supporting a water project in Tabi, Mexico with funds and volunteers. These partnerships install and sustain water purification systems and provide on going health education programs.

Tim and Patti Long

trains, equips and supports mission teams to form partnerships with global communities in need and empower everyday people to change lives through the gift clean water. The United Church has engaged with mission partners in Cedralito and Limones, Mexico, and is currently supporting a water project in Tabi, Mexico with funds and volunteers. These partnerships install and sustain water purification systems and provide on going health education programs.

LOVE 146

LOVE 146 works to end child sex slavery and exploitation. They provide vital prevention, education, job training, schooling, safe homes and holistic aftercare for children who are at risk, or survivors of child sex slavery.

Medical Benevolence Foundation

MBF’s 21st century approach to medical mission is transforming medical ministries into sustainable medical providers. They envision medical ministries of the Church thriving and serving others for decades to come as sustainable providers of international standards of medical care while sharing the love of God.

To achieve that vision, our mission is to help these ministries with resources and expertise so they can claim a sustainable future for themselves in three dimensions: clinical, financial, and spiritual.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

“Out of Chaos, hope” is the theme for the PDA. This organization helps by providing hope after the storm–whether it be tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, floods or even pandemics–any disaster–our funds help make recovery possible and bring hope to those in need.

The Salvation Army

We support the Canandaigua chapter of the Salvation Army by giving to the Phoenix program, and after school and summer program for youth. We also donate to their emergency relief fund which helps families during the year with many needs such as rent, food, utilities and medicines. Our congregation also contributes food supplies throughout the year.

Rev. Nancy Smith-Mather and Rev. Shelvis Smith-Mather

Presbyterian mission co-workers working alongside the Sudanese in South Sudan and Uganda.

Rev. Ryan and Alethia White

Presbyterian mission co-workers serving as Co-regional liaisons for Central and Northern Europe and resourcing Iranian Presbyterian Church in Berlin.

Women’s Ministries

upporting both Presbyterian and American Baptist Women’s projects and ministries that were formerly supported by our United Church Women’s Association.

Special Interest Missions

is a line item in the mission budget that is used for worthy projects or needs that may arise during the year, or that were not specified in the budget. Some of these funds have been used in the past to provide gifts for visiting missionaries, for processing shipment of Church World Service kits, as one-time gifts to missionaries or projects, or as additional funding for missions needing support.

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